About the project

Why do we do this?
Because we love teaching and our kids love learning. Because we have got so many ideas and would like to share them. And we will be happy if we can enthuse you, too.
The suggestions are intended mostly for instruction in primary and middle school, while they may be also used for preschoolers or, on the other hand, for upper school grades.
Look up the suggestions of topical interest to you, applying various search criteria. You may print out any sheet and build your favourite activity portfolio that way.

Authors of methodologies

The ideas have been developed by people profoundly experienced in ICT aided teaching.

Mgr. Lenka Kremlíková

A graduate in primary pedagogy from the Faculty of Pedagogy, Charles University, Prague, Lenka has already 31 years of teaching experience. She is a specialist trainer in the SFUMATO 'flowing reading' method developed by Dr Maria Navrátilová, and, in the mathematics teaching method according to Professor Milan Hejný. She has based her class instruction to children extensively on tablets, by which she gradually replaced various former sheets or cards.

Mgr. František Tomášek

A diploma holder from the Faculty of Pedagogy, Charles University, Prague, in mathematics and civic education, František has amassed 47 years of teaching experience. He is the Headmaster Emeritus of the Faculty's Elementary School in Brandýsnad Labem, the headmaster of an education centre accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, a long-time trainer in postgraduate education of the pedagogical profession, both for teachers and headmasters, a team member of educational projects, as well as of specialist teams to the Ministry of Education.

Ing. Hana Slípková

Hana is a trainer and methodologist in charge of the EduBase, DoTest, EduRibbon, and Toglic products, and, the author of the user documentation for those products. She maintains close cooperation with the teachers – users of the applications, with a focus on the exploitation potential of the currently available functions of the products, as well as on developing new ones.

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